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Rising with the Sun

Donning my yoga mat as I crawl out of my tent, I stroll out from under the canopy of trees and into the open meadow before me. As the sun slowly ascends the tree line the cool early morning air invigorates and invites me to begin. Inhaling a deep, woodsy-infused breath I slowly raise my arms overhead welcoming the day, resting my hands at heart center. I settle into Tadasana, grounding and centering into the mountain I stand upon, connecting with its energy.


Rays cascade through branches, landing gently across my mat as I fold into standing forward bend. I step back and extend into downward facing dog, an ant strolling across my mat providing the opportunity to completely exhale, celebrating my breath in the exchange of life I share with the trees that surround me. I inhale into cobra lifting my gaze to the periwinkle sky above as it gives way to a richer shade of blue. Bees and insects buzz in the clover around my mat. Rising once more, the air and my body warming in unison, birdsong serenades my spirit.



As I gently flow in and out of each pose earth, sky and all creatures in between bear witness to my practice. I lower to my mat as the sun crests the treetops, settling into Savasana, my hands resting lightly in the damp grass alongside me. My body cradled within the curves of the earth, I softly smile, awake, renewed and aligned with the day. Good Morning!