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Breaking My Fast

This morning I sank my teeth into a gloriously juicy granny smith apple!


It has been a great day of fruits and veggies. Throughout the day I enjoyed a lovely, crunchy carrot, a smooth avocado, and a smoothie of blueberries, pear, watermelon, and kale. A word to the wise, spinach is so much better than kale in smoothies. Kale is just too bitter. (But I did drink it all!)

For supper I made a simple Potato Leek Soup. I will admit to using frozen, sliced leeks. But, after five days of chopping vegetable five times a day, I took a little of the work out of the kitchen.

Potato Leek Soup


Sauté the leeks in a little olive oil.


Add celery and garlic, sauté for five minutes.


Add carrots, sauté 5 more minutes.


Finally add the potatoes and simmer for 25 minutes. *Note: I put the potatoes in a bowl of water as I am dicing them. After rinsing a few times until the water is clear, I just cover the potatoes with water. Then I add the potatoes and water to the soup pot. I added about a half cup more water, but keeping the final soup creamy is key, so no more water than that. The veggies are not quite covered.


I added dried thyme, a pinch of dried rosemary, a pinch of salt, a dash of pepper (okay six or eight grinds on the grinder) , and a bay leaf to the simmering pot.


Let cool for for 20 minutes or so prior to pureeing. Add fresh parsley just before putting in blender.


After purée is complete, return to pot and warm slowly. Pour into bowls, serve, enjoy. (Salt and pepper to taste.)



Okay, so no, I did not juice today, but I did smoothie with kale. Tomorrow I will be back to juicing once a day.

My belly is content with the fruits and veggies I ate, and I had to be extra aware to not be “stuffed”. A full belly is a phenomenon not experienced in a few days. There’s lots of grumbly action going on in there. 🙂 I am still drinking between two and three liters, which was surprising, but quite good.

A few reflections on the reboot.

This particular one recommended a cup of herbal tea in the evenings, but I never got that far. With the morning hot water, the coconut water, and five juices taking about 30 minutes prep and cleanup each, I ran out of time. And I usually had already drank nearly four liters of water so I didn’t feel the need.

When it is recommended to stay near a bathroom, believe me, it’s great advice. I probably peed every 20-25 minutes during waking hours.

Daily exercise is key, even if modified to a lower intensity. On the days I wasn’t swimming or at Jazzercise (including today) I still did some gentle yoga, stretching, and walking. (Short walks, due to the rate of peeing.)

Tomorrow I will share the cost of the fruits and veggies, just for the reboot, and other reflections as they arise.

Till then…. Happy Juicing!