a journey from the heart

We’ve crept up in temperature once more, though to be fair it’s no where near as hot as a week ago. It’s funny how I turn to longing for snow when the temperature gets above 80°. Currently we are sitting at a steamy 86° with a gentle breeze.

When I left Rod and Lynn at their quiet farm/ranch I continued my journey northeast into the Big Horn mountains. Not originally part of my trip, the ascent into the mountain range was breathtaking.

A two-lane highway for much of the drive, it required much patience to make the steep ascent while also drawn by the beauty of the valley below, the changing mountain landscape, and the many curves in the road.

Having snowed the previous night, the temperature was brisk and I was excited to see Medicine Wheel, though I’d been warned it may be under snow.

I had to laugh at myself as I made the trek over snow-covered hills to the site because I packed my snow boots and poles in my car, just in case. Of course, they remained in the trunk of my car.

Our of respect for this sacred place, I have no photos of the medicine wheel. I can however attest to the meditative quality of the space, having enjoyed a quiet walking meditation around the wheel. A pilgrimage I am glad to had made.

Comments on: "Following the Snow, Part 2" (4)

  1. Patricia said:

    Sigh… the medicine wheel – one of my deep peace places on this earth! 💖 so glad you made the trek🙏🏻💝

  2. Guy Speight said:

    As always, the pics are fantastic!! Just last week we were @ 95/97 degrees with index of 105 plus at times.Needless to say we were completely without snow . Thank you again for the update. Be healthy, Be happy, Be safe. G.S.

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