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Stormy Weather

Like much of the US, we are in the grips of a heatwave here in the Midwest. So this morning’s thunderstorm was incredibly gorgeous and welcomed all of us.

Enjoy all or part of the five minutes of what was forty minutes of continual lightning and thunder.

Any of you remember Mystic Moods Orchestra Stormy Weekend? I owned it on vinyl and used to listen to whenever I missed the sound of the rain and thunder. Or to the sound of the train in the middle of night when I would stay at Aunt Matilda’s during summer trips back to White House Station.

Comments on: "Stormy Weather" (7)

  1. Guy Speight said:

    Well, I guess half of my comments seem to post, such is life. Not that I mind loud noise, but i’m just not a thunder/ lightning kind of girl, lol. I’m more into the sound of the not so legal two inches too short drag pipes on my Harley, and the sound of my beloved 1911 45acp ringing the gong at 25 ft. With ear protection , I might add !!!! Thanks as always for the post, I know it’s a lotta work but this lets me know that you’re safe. 

  2. Keep cool, girlfriend. How are you liking Madison?

  3. harlananda said:

    Donner und blitzen YA!

    • Ooooo, snow would be fun! Though there’s currently a tornado warning up north a ways. Tornado and large hail! Hoping for a nice thunderstorm or three tonight or tomorrow.

  4. can you message me your contact info: I may be coming to Madison…are you going to the CR Leader Training in Minneapolis?

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