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When you decide to make your cross-country trip, whether that is solo or with a friend or three, I highly recommend you make the drive through the Black Hills of South Dakota.

There is beautiful, mile-long hike in the canyon, to Roughlock Falls, that will take you through open meadows, high canyon walls, and waterfalls.

And just in case you are wondering, the Black Hills got their name from the color they appear from the distance. It’s actually the trees, and their appearance from afar, that give them their name.

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  1. Kendra Sisk said:

    You could sell your photos for good money!!! They are gorgeous! I’m glad photos continue to be part of your journey!

  2. Guy Speight said:

    Just what I needed, a welcome diversion from this God-awful heat wave. That plus the fact that as long as you’re getting these sent out , I know that you are safe/happy camper!! 

    • That is quite true and so sweet. Our heat wave is supposed to get a little more intense over the next two days and by early next week we should be back to upper 70s and low 80s. Very much looking forward to that.

      I am enjoying sending out posts sporadically. These are allowing me the opportunity to have a healthy diversion from job hunting. It’s going well, though not as many opportunities here in Madison as I had hoped. While Madison is the city I chose, it may be that I will be venturing elsewhere for employment opportunities. Currently I am looking at opportunities in Massachusetts, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Nebraska, Utah, and Minnesota.

      In the meantime, thanks for the reminder to post and I will be sure to put out another one in the next day or three. There are still many tales to tell of my adventures across the country.

    • Stay cool, stay happy, and when the mood strikes, do a little dance! Or a little yoga…

  3. That looks amazing!

    • To be truthful, the drive through Spearfish Canyon was not part of my original plan. I met some folks at Devils Tower who recommended the drive, and the hike to Roughlock Falls. I am so grateful to them for suggesting the alternate route.

      I will be posting in a few days about another trip that was originally in my plans. Stay tuned!

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