a journey from the heart

I never did get to camp at the cowboy ranch. Which is really a shame, because I was very much looking forward to it. That being said, the cost of a hotel room was cheaper than the cost of the funeral parlor and I allowed my bleary-eyed, road-weary self a hotel room in in Cody, Wyoming. It turns out I was only twenty minutes from the ranch. Alas, better late than dead.

I rose early the following morning and drove out to the ranch for a cowboy breakfast to meet Rod and his wife Lynn. While there I also and got to meet some extraordinary people. There was a group of young people who were spending the summer working on a horse ranch in Colorado, out for a weekend road trip, and believe it, a bachelorette party.

I imagine Rod is in his late 60s or early70s, a born-and-bred Wyoming cowboy, who has one of the only organic farms in the state of Wyoming. His wife Lynn has done many different things over the years and together the two of them bought this ranch a handful of years ago.

Much of their energy is provided from their own solar panels, and they are planning on putting up another array in the near future. With this and other projects in the works, they are working to be as sustainable as is possible.

Quiet does not begin to describe this beautiful place. Heart Mountain looms in the distance, a short drive up a dirt road. And while time really wouldn’t have allowed it, I considered hiking at least a little of it. Sadly, due to the late spring, unusual wildlife activity left The Nature Conservancy, who owns the Heart Mountain Nature Preserve, padlocking the entrance gate. It turns out the grizzly bears were still far too active.

I found this place on Airbnb under the heading of Bring your own gear/Cowboy Breakfast. Which was, by the way, fantastic! Some of the best pancakes I’ve ever eaten, large and sweet and fluffy, and homemade sausage, from their own animals. And while I am not a coffee drinker, there is genuine cowboy coffee, thick and dark and strong enough to put hair on your chest!

Comments on: "A Cowboy and Heart Mountain" (6)

  1. Guy Speight said:

    As per usual, the pics are outstanding. Funny , I’ve been all over the world but spent almost ZERO time seeing this Gre

    • It really is a beautiful country. I highly recommend everyone take a long road trip and meander for a week or so. With friends or solo. This trip took me through national parks and monuments, and obscure Americana.

  2. Wonderful post, Sus!

    • Thanks, Monica. I realized yesterday that I hadn’t journaled in a while and then it dawned on me, this is another journal. Silly me.

  3. Guy Speight said:

    Hey you, starting to go into withdrawal , for lack of post/pics. lol. Let the world know that you’re still having fun in the sun, or clouds, etc!! Temps back up to 97 with a heat index of 103, just another fun day in N.C. 

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