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Unexpected Delays

When I traveled through Yellowstone on the summer solstice, my intention was to go through the northern section and explore some of the less populated parts of the park. The start of the drive was pleasant enough, one short delay for bunch of people stopped along the road to look at wildlife. A few miles up the road though, traffic came to a halt. For the next hour and a half we crept along, covering only a couple of miles. I turns out that a herd of bison decided to take a stroll down the middle of the road.

Needing to continue on, and after talking with a random person who had turned around and was heading the other direction, I also turned around. The southern route turned out to be less crowded than expected, for reasons I would come to learn.

Staying just ahead of me the whole way through, a snow storm was dumping a bunch of snow in and around the southern section of park.

Needing a break and hoping to find cell service to let the folks at my next camping spot know I was going to be late, I arrived at the visitor center for Old Faithful. Snow on the ground, it seemed that I had just missed the storm. Cell service was essentially non-existent, so I stretched my legs with a short walk to the viewing platform of Old Faithful, finding the crowds I’d expected on the road.

Turns out I arrived just in time to see Old Faithful erupt. The video is about four minutes, so watch as much or as little as you wish.

Hitting the road once more, the storm continued to remain ahead of me. So gorgeous!

And for all of the chaos that herd of bison caused on the northern route, this is the only one I saw while I was in the park.

Welcome to Wyoming in June!

Comments on: "Unexpected Delays" (2)

  1. Old Faithful, WOW! So glad you got to see it and share it with us. Thanks, Bison! Interesting also to make out your voice briefly and the long commentary by someone(s) in a foreign tongue. Wonder what they were saying.

    • I was wondering the same thing. But, I did not ask. As much as I have wanted to see the northern section of the park, it was pretty awesome to see Old Faithful do her thing.

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