a journey from the heart

Chasing the Sun

Day eight of my road trip took me to Badlands National Park in South Dakota. Not far from Wall, and Wall Drug, is the 240 Loop through the Badlands.

I drove in around 8pm as the light was starting to change with the setting sun. My destination was a short way down the loop, a dirt road that, twelve miles down, would provide a campground and much needed rest.

Chasing the sun, I headed down the road between canyons in one side and prairie on the other. I came upon a bison strolling down the road and slowed to admire (?) the view.

Storm clouds in the distance would bring no rain, but a spectacular lightning show after the sun set.

After forty-five minutes of bison and prairie dogs and spectacular vistas I arrived at the bend in the road announcing my near arrival to final my destination for the evening, Sage Creek Campground. A circle campground with parking along the outer edge and camping in the center, some covered and uncovered picnic tables, this proved to be a great place to pitch my tent. Watch out for prairie dog holes!

(Some of these photos are from the following morning.) It was nearly dark when I made camp and I still had to meet the neighbors before I pitched my tent.

Ah, sweet sleep. Amazing stars in the middle of night. The call of coyotes. The buzzing of mosquitos. The snoring emitted from the next tent over.

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