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This afternoon I took a stroll down to the Dane County Farmer’s Market, the largest producer’s only farmers market in America. It wraps all the way around the capitol building and down a side street or two.

I had to go because of cheese. Yes, that’s right, cheese. I have heard so much about Wisconsin cheese from people who have lived here, visited here, have dreamt of this place, or only traveled through. And so I sampled baked cheese, cheese curds, and spicy cheese bread.

I have one word for you, “Yum!”

Let’s start with the spicy cheese bread.

Warm from the oven, soft and fluffy on the inside, lightly spiced, with cheese running through it. I had to take this picture while sitting in the grass across from the vendor because I was not going to wait until I got home to sink my teeth into the loaf. Well, I was a little more civilized and tore off a large chunk instead. Here’s what is left:

I am rather proud of myself for not eating more of it, yet.

On to the cheese curds. Truth be told they are not the prettiest of cheese. And they squeak across one’s teeth when you first bite into a curd. But, wow! So good. So I bought two bags, one garlic and herb Gouda and the other jalapeño Gouda.

The jalapeño is freshly chopped and mixed with the curds. Quite flavorful!

Finally, there was the baked cheese, of which I sampled but managed to walk away from. Think of that grilled cheese sandwich you made recently, with quality cheese and not American slices. You know that but that squishes out in the pan and fries up a little? A little crunchy, a little soft. That’s right, you know what I’m talking about. Well, that’s basically baked cheese.

Next time. In a few weeks or a month when the cheese I bought today is gone.

Who am I kidding? It’s cheese!

Comments on: "Cheeeeeeese!" (2)

  1. Yummy. But where is home? Or is that a post soon to follow?

    • Thanks or asking! Home, currently, is Madison, WI. For safety reasons, I will reach out with the address off-line. That being said, I live on the edge of one of the lakes and it’s a beautiful neighborhood. Interestingly enough, I am interviewing for a few jobs in Pennsylvania. The road trip may continue taking me east in the coming weeks.

      That being said, I will continue to post over the come week or so from the recent trip. Stay tuned!

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