a journey from the heart

In the small community of Arlee, MT, off the beaten path and pretty much in the middle of nowhere, is the Ewan Garden of One Thousand Buddhas. Last Thursday, in pouring down rain and intermittent hail, I arrived at this serene place, donned my rain gear, and enjoyed an hour of meditative walking amongst what I am trusting is, one thousand Buddhas.

Despite the gnarly weather and my freezing cold hands, I enjoyed the Buddhas in all of their states of existence, from nearly perfect to crumbling. Because really, while we are each nearly perfect, we too are in a state of crumbling and decline.

Comments on: "Garden of One Thousand Buddhas" (5)

  1. Thank you so much for sharing the serenity of this gem you found.

    • I found this place on the Roadside America website. It’s a great place to find ways to get off the interstate and see more of this gorgeous country.

  2. How wonderful, what a perfect place for you to stop on your journey!

  3. harlananda said:

    From Poopyville to Buddhaville, now thats 2 ways to lightening up..haha

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