a journey from the heart

The Heroine’s Journey

For the early opening of the day, the closing is quite late. Tomorrow I will introduce you all to Limonita. You’ve heard of limoncello; I’ve acquired a limonauto. To be fair, she has handled like a champ and aside from a check engine light I thought was resolved by the mechanic at 7am, she has run quite smoothly. Let’s not talk about about bent wheel that also was replaced this morning. Sigh.

What is a heroine’s journey without obstacles to overcome?!

It is nearly midnight, and while Roslyn was a nice stop with a bite to eat at The Brick, a stroll past what was once Dr. Fleischman’s office, and a meander down the road to Roslyn’s cafe, the highlight of the day was the spectacular sunset that lasted for nearly two hours!

I am both pleased and sorry to say I took no photos; I was doing 70 mph. Pink and tangerine to purple and crimson. Stunning! And the full moon rising along the opposite horizon, red to orange… breathtaking!

My tent is pitched, my sleeping pad inflated, and I am grateful to have had a hot shower. Now to turn off the headlamp and fall asleep to a moon climbing over the mountains and the serenade of bull frogs.

Comments on: "The Heroine’s Journey" (2)

  1. You mean you forgot how to take pictures while driving down the road? 🤪 I’m glad your journey is off to a good start. Is the PT Cruiser not making the journey?

    • More present moment awareness and less gotta have it to see again later. That being said, more photos are coming soon!

      For better or worse, the TP (wink) cruiser decided to not longer go in reverse. Not a bad thing in general, but not a good thing either. She’s now being given a new life by a new owner.

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