a journey from the heart

It’s Been A While…

I am continually surprised by the passage of time and speed of life. Having not written in nearly four years, I pick-up with another cross-country move to Wisconsin. Perhaps beyond.

Stay tuned for stories of adventure, transformation, and random ramblings.

Comments on: "It’s Been A While…" (4)

  1. Valerie Vanderbeek said:

    I understood moving to Oregon, but why Wisconsin? Did you miss freezing winters or hate the rain? I retired & moved back to FL, near where I started.

    • Wisconsin is the place that is calling to me. Never been there, and excited for the new adventure! There’s a saying here in the Pacific Northwest, “there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad gear”. Excited to see what winter has to bring. But first, there’s a road trip and glorious summer!

  2. Harlan Judd said:

    may the peace of serenity, of your NW Sangha travel with you

    • Thank you, Harlan. A smile and much laughter is what fills the day as my departure is delayed a few hours by the unexpected obstacles of a heroine’s journey. Of course, totally expected. 🙂

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