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Juice Fast Day 3

So, day 3 has been great! I woke up with no headache and with quite a bit of energy. Each morning the reboot starts with 2 cups hot water, ginger simmered with it. Hot water in hand (or jar anyway), I took a stroll to the grocery store because I realized I hadn’t bought enough oranges. Came home, made my breakfast juice, and finished reading a fantastic book, The Memory Garden, by Mary Rickert.

Mid-morning drink is 16 oz unsweetened coconut water. Then green juice for lunch. Took my mid-afternoon juice with me to a game-con and played Lewis and Clark. Then back home for supper juice, and after-supper juice while watching
Searching for Sugar Man.

Today’s menu:

Sunrise (I love these beet juices!!!)



Joe’s Mean Green (with parsley and romaine added)



Watermelon Crush (yummy)



Garden Variety (romaine added)



Peach Pie Delight (Spectacular! I had no idea sweet potatoes were so good raw. Just like a milkshake!))



Now that I have made all the juices, I am adding other ingredients to some of them. I had lots of extra romaine from pre-juicing, so it’s now in all the green juices.

That’s it for today. Three days down, two to go. Spent all day just wanting to sink my teeth into the fruits and veggies. The cherries at the market looked sooooooo good. Soon!

Happy Juicing!

Comments on: "Juice Fast Day 3" (2)

  1. usgirls said:

    What kind of juicer do you have?

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