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Juice Fast Day 2

Day 2 of my juice fast has been pretty good. I woke up with a bit of a headache this morning, not sure if it is due to the fast or to hormones. Both are equally likely options. Perhaps it’s a bit of both.

I went for a casual swim that was refreshing. I would have stayed in the water longer, but alas, the biggest issue with juicing this much…having to pee every 20-30 minutes. Seriously!

Spent much if the day curled up with a good book and the cats. We took multiple cat-naps together, quite relaxing. Oh, and I splurged with a bubble bath while drinking my mid-afternoon, red juice. Decadent!

My headache continues, a bit worse for the wear this evening. Otherwise, I feel great. I have not been hungry, only thirsty. Again, nearly 3.5 liters of water so far today.

Without further ado, here are some pictures to tantalize.

Carrot Apple Ginger



Green Lemonade (with a few extra ingredients)



Sporty Spice (by far my favorite so far!)



Joe’s Mean Green (zesty)



Red, White, Blue (& Green!) – yup, that’s it’s full name (this one is odd and my least favorite thus far)



So, I am going to finish this final (odd) juice and then curl up with another book until I drift off to sleep. More tomorrow.

Happy Juicing!

Comments on: "Juice Fast Day 2" (1)

  1. rankingjuicers said:

    Good luck on your juice fast. I’ve done a few myself so I know how draining they can be while you are on them. Just keep persevering. By the end of it, you’ll feel like a million bucks. BTW….I totally sympathize on the peeng every 30 minutes. It’s a hassle but it just means you are removing the toxins from your body.

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