a journey from the heart


Over the long holiday weekend of Memorial Day, Steven and I escaped the valley, rain and pollen, heading into the Strawberry Mountain Wilderness. En route we passed this amazing tree filled with shoes. Heading home we actually stopped so that I could take some pictures.


Between milepost 88 & 89 on Hwy 26 was this amazing sight to behold. Upon closer inspection it appears some of these shoes are nearly new, whilst others are barely being held together by their stitches.


I even found evidence of wild life having taken refuge in these shoes, as seen by the bird whose head you can barely see poking out of the top of the lower boot. Curious of the history of this tree I scanned the internet and came upon www.roadsideamerica.com and it turns out that not only could I read about this particular tree, but shoe trees in rural, out of the way places are rather common. As common as rural, out of the way places can be.


Next time you find yourself venturing into the rural, out of the way unknown, keep your eyes open to the horizon, to the east and west, north and south. You never know what odd and fascinating things you may stumble upon.

Happy travels!

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