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A New Perspective

I never leave home without a camera. Whether it be my digital or my iphone, I try to always have a camera within reach wherever I go, whether in the car or on foot, under blue skies or in the midst of inclement weather, by myself or with friends.

About a year ago I stumbled across a blog site called Weathermob. For those who do not know about Weathermob, it is a social media blog for anyone and everyone who enjoys weather; to report their local weather, share thoughts, photos, and video. Essentially, for all of us who ever wanted to be a weatherperson but do not have degrees in meteorology, here is our chance!


Like with this blog, I started posting to Weathermob, then stopped, being overrun with the responsibilities of a new career and the implications my work had on the rest of my life. My muse was drowned out by the requirements of learning the ropes for my “dream job”, which at the time was more of a nightmare (alas, a nightmare is a form of dream, so it remained a dream job.)

A year later, I can honestly say I have my dream job, thoroughly enjoy my work, and my muse has returned with a renewed sense of urgency to be expressed. It is thus, while looking through the lens of my camera for a daily weather photo to post on Weathermob that my idea for not only my annual letter (posted December 31st), but for this blog came to be.

Many of you who have read my blog or know me personally know that I am able to pontificate poetic, and while I do enjoy the turn of a phrase, 2013 is for me the year of the image. I may occasionally take type to keyboard, but I am taking a break from expressing my perspective verbally and instead going to share what moves me through the lens of my camera.


Comments on: "A New Perspective" (2)

  1. i’m really enjoying your snapshots AND the titles. saying alot with few words! keep up the posts.

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