a journey from the heart

Susanna Left

[written June 28, 2011]

It was sad

but it had to happen

she wasn’t gonna stay here

not meant to be

she is a beautiful, annoyingly optimistic woman

with joy in her heart

and love comin’ her way

happy trails to a true cowgirl!

photo by memomuse copyright 2011

love, memomuse

PS – The photo is of some peaceful greenery at Lake Wilson, where Sus and I used to walk,

enjoying the warmly crisp, fall North Carolina weather.

She is John Muir of the 21st. century

Listen to her talk; speak, about nature. I learned a whole lot

that’s what happens with friends

She knows her stuff.

learning from her, was a beautiful Thoreau,

hands-on, Science teachin’, environmental badass ex-teacher

soon to be Eugene, Oregon waitress

gypsy spirit pagan buddhist,

meditating mountain mama.

tree hugin’ hippy

41-year-old beauty.

goddess earth queen

She’s gonna be missed.

Damn it,

worth repeating: she’s gonna be missed

Susanna's Cool Drum Goin' to Goodwill - photo by memomuseDock

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