a journey from the heart


I awoke this morning to fog…a wonderfully dense, rich gray fog that cloaked the world outside my window. Walking out the front door, being enveloped in the blanket of stillness, I wrapped my wool coat snuggly around me and breathed in the moisture of the clouds hugging the earth.

A hot cup of green tea in hand I actually thought about returning inside for a pair of gloves, but decided to proceed and fully experience the gorgeous morning, chilly fingers and all. My breath wafted out before me, wrapping itself with the fog around my head, swirling behind me as I strolled to work.

But wait, there’s more…the most amazing part of the morning…hundreds of miniature spider webs threaded amongst every branch of the shrubs along my path. Amazing, intricate webs covering the tips of the leaves and branches: what an industrious process each night, a gathering of resources for the cold weather ahead.

I think what impressed me the most was that when I wandered home for lunch four hours later, ALL of the miniature webs were gone. For all the hard work put in the night before, nothing remained. I am excited to rise tomorrow morning to see whether the webs have been recreated.

Until then….

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