a journey from the heart

ramblin rd

bailey yard, world's largest railroad yard

over the hump

day five come

and going





ramblin rose

middle of nowhere nebraska

grateful (for safe travels) dead


pilrimage to carhenge

definitely worth going out of your way to see



"only in america" someone said








alternative auto art 1











crossing time zones



paths with coal trains

a pause in the ramblin to enjoy the rumblin

sunset over cheyenne

days end

cowboy country connections

old friends

new moon beginnings

Comments on: "ramblin rd" (2)

  1. megthewriter said:

    There really isn’t anything quite as beautiful as a Wyoming sunset. Happy travels through the cowboy state tomorrow. Go pokes!

    Lovin’ your poetry lady cakes! Can’t wait to hear about The Luxury Diner.

  2. Crossing time zones. I like that line. It is good to cross time zones. I can claim that I have lived in all four. You know where I am destined to be: MST
    Glad you are on Pacific Coast Time.
    “Wyoming hugs and Montana Kisses”

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