a journey from the heart

ups & downs

up the arch we went

it’s shadow directly down



the missouri river is up

29.2 feet - a tad bit above normal




drive time is down





up one side down the other – repeat

a cascade of hills went up

on the other side down

i learned that a sprinkle of salt on a damp napkin will keep your glass from sticking

and happiness is a hot shower at the end of a long day on the road

his lair

the boys are finding their rythym in our travels

floorboard sanctuary











kendra and i are having a blast

take a wild guess


Comments on: "ups & downs" (1)

  1. memomuse said:

    I love this post and the concept. You are a writer my dear. I’ve always known so.
    Up: You are traveling where you need to be
    Down: You are so very much missed here it hurts my heart to think about you being gone

    Up: You have discarded all your material crap
    Up bonus for me: I have inheirited many treasures treasures that remind me of you so. Your scent is sneezing beautiful balloons of incense scented stuff.
    Down: I am tending my fertile North Carolina soil, wishing, and wanting to be an old cottonwood, deep down in Wyoming soil.
    The Up to the above Down: I am establishing roots and fruitful blooms. I can be a cottonwood in my heart in NC.
    Miss you.
    North Carolina hugs and Wyoming kisses.
    I would love to write a guest post as you travel through Wyoming. Is that today or tomorrow when you and Kendra will roam through the most beautiful state in the country?

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