a journey from the heart

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serendipitous detours

last night

an early stop in st. joes

the long way out of missouri

finding out

our route up i29 closed due to missouri river flooding

this morning

an early start through the back hwys of iowa

passing villisca axe murder house

a lesson in early 20th century american history



more nothingness

recession wanted

finally crossing into nebraska over a swollen

pregnant missouri river

omaha city in smog


the long road to...


more nothingness

settling into north platte

an unexpected, odd lil almost hippie town


in the middle of nothing

buffalo bill cody keeping watch

an oregon license plate in hotel pkg lot

and dreams

sun setting below clouds

of nothingness

ups & downs

up the arch we went

it’s shadow directly down



the missouri river is up

29.2 feet - a tad bit above normal




drive time is down





up one side down the other – repeat

a cascade of hills went up

on the other side down

i learned that a sprinkle of salt on a damp napkin will keep your glass from sticking

and happiness is a hot shower at the end of a long day on the road

his lair

the boys are finding their rythym in our travels

floorboard sanctuary











kendra and i are having a blast

take a wild guess



amazing journey

awe and exhaustion

overcoming fear                                      

as seen while crossing the mighty mississippi

laughing like buddha

the gate awaits

sleep now

westward ho


kendra is a kindred

“life is good”

In case you were wondering...

rolling hills of kentucky

illumination by a setting sun

It's good to know where you've been. Photo by Kendra

what happened in nc will stay in nc, sort of

miss my friends

they will always be a part of me

what happens in kentucky over drinks…well, you know…thanks dirk, bevie and sophie for the southern hospitality!

Mixes Stiff Drink and She Spies Elk



What a big world it is!

along for the ride
and not really lovin’ it

traquilized under the car seat

the last supper

farewell and thanks for all the fish {:P

a new shade of green

headin’ west to eugene, oregon

a pilgrimage

answering a call

Going to Salvation Army; if it didn't fit, it ain't going West